Sunday, July 6, 2008

4th of July Fun

This year we had a sort of impromptu celebration for the 4th. We have a tradition of doing fireworks on the 24th so we leave the 4th open for the kids to spend with their in-laws. None of the in-laws had plans this year though so at the last minute we decided we would do something. Kai, Katie, Angela, Collin, and Bauer went to the Murray parade in the morning and then met Rae for swimming at the West Valley Fitness Center where Brian and Matt met us after their round of golf. After a nap and little rest from the sun Grandpa, Kai, Brian, Katie, Matt, Angela, and Bauer decided to go to dinner and then to see a movie. The movie ended just after 9:00 and we ended up going to watch the Riverton City fireworks at 10:00. We missed Ben and Tessa and their cute kids at our little party but they were working on their backyard in the morning and then went to party in the evening. What a fun 4th of July!


Momberger said...

Those are four good lookin' people if you ask me! Even the one behind the camers is pretty stinkin' cute!

Talbot Family said...

Way to go J-bird. You are becoming so blog savvy. Keep up the good work.